Top VPN Services

May 2020

A VPN or Virtual Private Network gives the user greater

security by establishing a secure and encrypted connection

to another network or server over the internet.






Top VPNs


High speeds for streaming, browsing, security, file sharing, or privacy.


High end encryption, extreme speeds
and unlimited connected devices.


Safety, privacy and unlimited bandwidth
on multiple servers.


Ultra fast connections, online protection with no logs policy.


Fastest speeds and powerful protection with over 100 server locations.

Advantages of Using a VPN


Enhanced Security

The added benefit of an extra degree of security and privacy. This is established through an encrypted connection

to a private server over the internet. Protecting your data and hiding your traffic from others.

Access Geo Restricted Content

Your real IP address is hidden and the IP address of the VPN server, connected to, is used. This gives you access to

geo-blocked websites, streaming content etc. Most VPN services have a wide range of servers and country locations.


Bypass Data and Bandwidth Throttling

Some ISPs may reduce the speed of certain websites or services depending on the high traffic to them. However,

when using a VPN your ISP cannot inspect your traffic, therefore it won't be able to throttle down certain services.


Better Online Gaming Experience

Play in any geographical region by hiding your IP address. Avoid distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that

prevent you from joining your favourite game servers and even stay clear of unfair IP bans.


Get The Best Online Prices

Online prices sometimes differ based on location of the buyer. Connecting to a VPN masks your IP address to sites

that may have inflated prices due to location. Apart from using a VPN it is also best practice to clear your cache or

cookies because some sites may use this to quote higher prices.